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Nina Roz Shocks Fans After She Reveals She Is Leaving Black Market Records


Nina Roz has made a drastic decision to quit her current label, Black Market Records over personal concerns that have left her with no choice but to jump ship.

When everything seemed to be going according to plan, Nina Roz and Daddy Andre had become one of the hottest items in the entertainment scene with both music artists collaborating on several projects and eventually getting married. But that didn’t last long.

Known by her real name as Nina Akankunda, Roz has made it clear she wants out of Black Market Records and according to reports by Blizz Uganda, she decided to leave because of the toxic environment at the record label which made it difficult for her to work.

In that regard, Nina Roz has decided to terminate her contract with the label and is looking elsewhere for better opportunities. Under Black Market Records, the star was able to produce songs such as “Nangana”, “Andele”, and “Billboard”.

According to her, “she can no longer endure the toxic working environment” and is better off somewhere else other than Black Market Records.

Nina Roz quitting Black Market Records

Daddy Andre is yet to offer a statement regarding Nina’s decision to leave the label but there are high chances the events have been driven by their recent breakup and many other things that are yet to come to light.

The two love birds ended their relationship about four months ago with Andre claiming that he ended the relationship due to lies and infidelity concerns. He also stated that Nina had returned to doing drugs and wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, which broke his heart.

“She also lied about me, that I torture her. She used bloggers who knew very well that I was in love,” he said. “They knew I had been sacrificing to help her in whatever way to the extent that I put a halt to my personal programs.”

We are yet to receive an official statement from the record label and also one from Nina Roz about the end of their partnership and all we can do is wait and see how things turn out. However, how this affects Black Market Records is yet to be seen since Nina has been one of their sign-ups so far.


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