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Phil Collins Sends Ex-Wife Orianne Cevey An Eviction Notice

World renowned star and legend, Phil Collins seems to be on a war path as he recently sent his ex-wife, Orianne Cevey an eviction notice telling her to get the f$%k out of his crib, saying he’s tired of her B.S.

Phil Collins also stated that he still owns the Florida house and has the right to kick his ex-wife out since he is tired of dealing with her ‘bull shit’ and drama, according to him.

According to reports by TMZ, the famous drummer and songwriter decided to take matters in his own hands by sending his ex-wife an eviction notice after he recently found out that she had secretly remarried in August.

Sources close to Phil say that he asked Cevey to vacate the house but she refused, and instead she is threatening to release false and embarrassing accusations about him unless he renegotiates their 2008 divorce settlement.

During their divorce settlement, its reported that Phil Collins paid Cevey over $46.76 million and he’s not willing to give her another dime. He also believes that ex-wife squandered the fortune through a series of bad investments, along with an expensive divorce from the man she married after they split.

TMZ reports that Phil gave his ex until 3 PM Friday to leave the house, but she didn’t, and now she has changed the security codes of the premises and has been unruly with the staff.

Phil Collins plans to file an eviction lawsuit against Orianne Cevey

It has also been revealed that Phil plans on filing an eviction lawsuit against his ex-wife as soon courts open up next week in order to sort out the issue.

Phil Collins Sends Ex-Wife Orianne Cevey An Eviction Notice | Spurzine
Phil Collins’ ex-wife Orianne Collins, won’t leave Miami Beach house.

To fully understand the story, Phil and Cevey have a long rocky relationship and history together which doesn’t surprise anyone given the situation of things right now. The two got married in the late 90s and had two sons together – Nicholas and Matthew but later filed for divorce in 2006.

After a long and painful divorce settlement, Cevey walked out with a fortune and got remarried to Charles Mejjati, but then divorced him to go back to Collins in 2016.

According to TMZ, everything seemed quite fine until a few months ago when Orianne decided to marry another man named Thomas Bates during her Las Vegas business trip, which she had told Phil to be just one of her usual travel trips.

Based on reports from sources close to Collins, he has been supporting his sons all this time, including all expenses paid through a fully-funded, irrevocable trust — but he believes he’s no longer in the position to financially take on his ex-wife.

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