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Nina Roz Talks About Her Relationship with Daddy Andre and Much More

Nina Roz, real names Nina Kankunda recently revealed more juicy details about her relationship with music producer and singer, Daddy Andre shutting down some of the lingering rumours that were spreading around.

Apart from the fans thinking Roz was hitting it with Daddy Andre, there were also reports of her being pregnant which only made things look more suspicious hence collaborating the stories that were moving around.

However, in a recent NBS Uncut interview, Nina Roz made herself clear and came clean about all the rumours that were spreading about her and Andre. During the interview, she revealed that she had no relationship with the producer and also, they are just friends.

In the interview, the star strongly emphasized how her and Daddy Andre are just friends and nothing more. According to her statement:

“Daddy Andrea is my friend and the fact that we are under the same management (Black Market), it really means we have to be working together hence being close friends. I understand people run into conclusions but that does not worry me at all as a celebrity.”

She also talked about the pregnancy rumours when asked during the interview, claiming she doesn’t like sharing her personal life with the public.

“I do not put my personal life out to the public. All I am supposed to give my fans is music and I kindly request them to put their interests on my music not my personal life.” She said.

Me and Daddy Andre are not in a relationship says Nina Roz

Despite Nina Roz shutting down all reports about her possible relationship with Daddy Andre, the way the star responded to the pregnancy claims during the interview still left a lot of questions. Her answer to the claims seemed vague and non-conclusive.

If she wasn’t willing to come clean about the reports of her being pregnant, then there could be more to the story than we actually think which may point back to the possible father of the child being either Andre’s or someone else entirely.

None the less, as she clearly put it, her private life is none of our business and whatever she decides to do in her a personal time, shouldn’t be the public’s concern either.

The fans, however, still think the ‘Munda Dala‘ star is hiding something, and there’s a possibility there’s someone in her camp spreading the lugambo or trying to put out false information to bring her down. We can only speculate and wait to see what the next months bring to the table.


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