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Atlanta Based Rapper Young Thug Arrested by Authorities


US rapper Young Thug has been arrested by the authorities after charges were brought against him which indicated that he had been involved in criminal activity.

According to police records, the 30-year-old rapper is said to have been involved in or participated in criminal street gang activity which is why he was arrested.

Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffrey Lamar Williams was arrested as part of a larger grand jury indictment which names 28 members and associates of his record label YSL. The indictment defines the record label as a “criminal street gang” according to a report by New York Times.

Gunna, who is also a rapper was named in the indictment and also faces similar charges as Young Thug. Both rappers face charges of conspiring to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in a grand jury indictment.

Aside from Thug and Gunna, rappers Yak Gotti, PeeWee Roscoe, and Thug’s brother Unfoonk were also indicted. The indictment defines YSL as a “criminal street gang” founded in 2012 with an affiliation with the Bloods.

While all 28 defendants were charged with conspiracy to violate RICO, Thug and Gunna’s fellow defendants face additional charges including armed robbery, aggravated assault, drugs and weapons charges. Yak Gotti and four others were charged with murder for the January 2015 death of Donovan Thomas, Jr., who is described by prosecutors as “a rival gang member.” Thug is also accused of renting a car that was later used “in the commission of” that murder.

Young Thug and his YSL crew were arrested as part of a larger grand jury indictment

The indictment lists a number of gang-related crimes that are in reference to YSL-related songs, videos, social media posts, and lyrics that are deemed “an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.” Examples include the Young Thug and Juice WRLD collaboration “Bad Boy” (including quoted passages from Juice WRLD and not Thug).

As well as being charged with criminal street gang activity, the rapper has also been charged with conspiring to violate a federal law aimed at combatting organised crime. The indictment names the YSL enterprise, which stands for “Young Slime Life”, as an affiliate of the national Bloods gang.

Young Thug last year topped the US album charts with Punk. He also co-wrote the critically acclaimed, much talked about Donald Glover’s song This is America.

Young Thug’s lawyer told local media that his client had committed no crime. “I’ll tell you the response to any allegation is Mr. Williams committed no crime whatsoever and we will fight to my last drop of blood to clear him,” Thug’s attorney Brian Steel said.

Young Thug is being held in Fulton County Jail and is due to appear in court on Tuesday.


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