Student Almost Bites MUK Lecturer Over Missing Marks | Spurzine

Student Almost Bites MUK Lecturer Over Missing Marks

If you have been to Makerere University (MUK) then you know a thing or two about missing marks. Either you have experienced it yourself or you know someone who has been having nightmares over missing marks.

Students have quit university because of the high levels of negligence displayed by the lecturers as they usually “lose marks”. And often, the lecturers manage to get away with it by either smiling at you while asking “now what do you want me to do?” or by just telling the students to re-do the papers.

The interesting bit about it all is that most times students have done these exams and its the lecturers who lose the papers and marks. But today, one lecturer was shocked at the School of Law when a one disgruntled Tandeka Mutebi almost bit her as she kept dismissing his pleas for his marks.

Namyalo was here going on about how she ain’t dealing with any marks related problems today.. coz it daint fit her schedule…mbadde ngenda na mulumaaaaa walahi” (I was going to even bite her, I swear)

Mutebi remarks that he had lodged complaint after complaint and all he got was nothing from one lecturer called Namyalo. “Whenever anyone lodges a complaint, all they do is write the name down until the next time you complain!

Tandeka stood his ground and refused to leave until his results had been found “Nedda nyabo ngenda kuyimilila wanno, you might disappear”  loosely translated “No Maám, I am going to stand here, you might disappear”

MUK students are tired of lecturers losing their marks and papers and now are taking action

Student Almost Bites MUK Lecturer Over Missing Marks | Spurzine
Tandeka Mutebi who happens to be a law student at MUK was not willing to entertain the thought of redoing a paper he already sat for.

With the new generation of young students not willing to sit back and wait for “missing results” to either “miraculously appear” or explain to their parents that they have to re-do a certain paper, lecturers find themselves with a handful of individuals who are willing to go all the way to their homes till their results are found.

Anyone that has been through MUK or MUBs knows that sometimes you just have to shout otherwise no one will help you“, said a one Jeremiah who clearly seems to have first hand experience with Makerere University lecturers.

After moving up and down, with the lecturer, Mutebi’s results were finally found and his win was met with massive congratulatory messages from his followers on Twitter.

The interesting bit about this all was that this was recorded live on his Snapchat for all to see as he made the lecturer abandon all her “plans” so as to cater to his.


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