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Tems and Manager Expose Lying Old Bebe Cool

It was only last week when two Nigerian artists Tems and Omah Lay were arrested in Uganda for performing at a time when “concerts were not allowed”

With the two Nigerian artists released, it all looked like everything done and dusted but in the late hours of the night, Ugandans who had started snoring while others were Tumbizaring their sounds were taken by surprise when violence all the way from Lagos descended upon a common enemy (Bebe Cool).

Tems and her manager Muyiwa Awoniyi after finally sleeping in their comfortable beds and having some heavy food, took Twitter by surprise and threw all sorts of insults towards upcoming (85-year-old) Ugandan artist Bebe Cool.

According to Tems and her manager, Bebe Cool was the architect of their arrest as they say that he and his friend yet to be identified called the Police on them. This is according to a tweet that was released by Tems.

Tems and Manager Expose Lying Old Bebe Cool 1
Tems in her tweets says that it was Bebe Cool who got them arrested.

“You called the police on us, you got us arrested” Tweeted Tems

What pissed off the two Nigerians, even more, is the fact that Bebe Cool took journalists to the prison in which they had been remanded to look like the messiah. Muyiwa says that Bebe came with his journalists and when they reached the maximum prison, he pretended to chase them away.

Tems and Manager Expose Lying Old Bebe Cool 2

Tems clearly not happy with Bebe Cool has warned that should they ever be in the same vicinity, she will stop at nothing to beat up the self-proclaimed Big size.

If you ever wanted to feel sorry for anything, feel sorry for the canoe-like shoes that were dragged in the whole mess. Hopefully, the T-shirt giving away gig will help in buying new shoes.

For Ugandan dancehall artist a long time adversary of Bebe Cool, A Pass, this was a movie to watch and like many Ugandans, he definitely enjoyed every second of it all.

Bebe Cool who had started reviving his music career with trips to Nigeria to team up with some of Africa’s most talented producers will rue this act for the rest of his life as the West Africans seem to be joining hands against him.

Bebe Cool was reminded of how his music sucks so much that he can’t organize shows. He is always relying on being booked and that even if he organized a show, rats can’t fill up the arena. (I’m still dying here, let me go sleep)

Tems and Manager Expose Lying Old Bebe Cool 3

As I leave, pray for Cindy, we might wake up tomorrow when she is the one being roasted. But for Big Tril who was learning from Nigerians and A Pass who clearly has no liking for Bebe Cool, this is a massive win.


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