Tupac Shakur had a number of secret affairs and girlfriends before his death.

Tupac Shakur Had Secret Affairs With Whitney Houston & Madonna

American rap icon, Tupac Shakur had several secret affairs with top celebrity stars during his time with more shocking revelations about his other secretive girlfriends coming to light recently.

According to the Mirror, the late rap legend Tupac Shakur had a string of high-profile girlfriends over the years but managed to keep his A-list lovers secret.

Many of his famous girlfriends never spoke about their relationships with the rapper, while others waited until many years after his death to confirm the romance.

The music superstar, who died in a shooting in 1996 aged 25, is now believed to have had a steamy affair with Whitney Houston and broke Madonna’s heart. He also found the time to get married and divorced, and date music industry royalty.

Tupac Shakur was able to keep his secretive affairs and girlfriends away from the public eye even after his death

Tupac and Madonna

Tupac dated Madonna for more than a year after being set up by friend Rosie Perez at the Soul Train Awards in 1993.

Well, we are as shocked as you’re. According to reports by the Mirror, Tupac dated Madonna for more than a year after being set up by friend Rosie Perez at the Soul Train Awards in 1993. However, they managed to keep the romance totally under the radar and it wasn’t confirmed until 2015.

Madonna let slip about her relationship with Tupac during an interview with US shock jock Howard Stern, telling him the pair dated and the rapper got her “all riled up about life in general”.

However, their relationship was later confirmed in 2017 when a letter from Tupac to Madonna revealed he broke up with her because of her race.

Whitney Houston and Tupac had an affair

Whitney Huston is believed to have dated Tupac.
Whitney Huston. (Image credit: NPR)

Now this is the real deal breaker. Reports about Tupac bedding legendary music star, Whitney Huston surfaced after her death in 2012.

Her ex-husband Bobby Brown made the confession about his wife’s affair in his 2016 memoir Every Little Step, claiming she cheated on him with Tupac during their marriage.

In the book, Brown claimed Whitney and Tupac hooked up after they worked together but gave no further detail. The New Edition star claimed his ex-wife did her “share of cheating” with “quite a few of the producers and artists”, but only named Tupac.

Kidada Jones and Tupac.
Kidada Jones and Tupac.

That’s not all, Tupac is also believed to have had other relationships with stars like Jada Pinkett Smith and Kidada Jones, daughter of legendary producer Quincy Jones, at the time of his death in 1996.

If only 2 Pac was alive today to give account for these relationships, maybe we would have more insight on how he kept all these flings a secret.




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