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Vinka Is Ready to Take On the World

Vinka has taken the country by storm with her relentless talent and will as she continues to amaze her fans with hit after hit from the likes of Oli Malaika, Mapozi, Love Doctor and Chips Na Ketchup to mention but a few.

However, recently the songstress decided to make a vow that sent shock waves across the Ugandan music industry as she promised to release a new song every month of this year. You definitely read that right!

Vinka isn’t kidding around anymore. She posted on her social media, “I will be releasing a song and video every 1st day of the month for the rest of the year. Two videos already out, third video dropped last Friday March 1st, “kona” video drops. 12 songs 12 Videos… #10TOGO #2019.”

For those not aware, Vinka as so far released two videos which include one for the “Chips na Ketchup” remix with a Nigerian star Ketchup and “Oluyimba lwo Mwaka” which premiered last week.

The question is though, will Vinka keep her promise or she will fail like the others have when they made the same vow years ago just like Bebe Cool did and failed to deliver. Fingers crossed, lets wait and see what happens.

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Vinka Is Ready to Take On the World 1

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