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Zari Calls Diamond Platnumz A Stupid Clown

Zari Hassan, mother to Diamond Platnumz children recently insulted her ex-boyfriend in ways one can imagine referring to him as a total clown.

The Boss Lady recently took to social media where she voiced out her own thoughts in regards to Diamond Platnumz not being a supportive father towards his own children.

According to the tabloid Blizz UG, when reports about the Tanzanian star planning on paying three months of rent for over 500 people as a show of support for his fans during the Coronavirus pandemic reached Zari Hassan, she immediately took action by heading to social media where she voiced out her concerns over the artist’s failure to care for their own children.

Zari wasn’t pleased with the reports as she clearly noted that if Diamond is willing to take care of over 500 people, why not do the same for his own kids. She also referred to him as being insensitive and arrogant towards the needs of his own family.

Zari Hassan referred to Diamond Platnumz as a total stupid clown

“You’re a stupid clown who can’t even take care of our kids”- said Zari Hassan in her social media posts.

She continued: “….but you don’t know what your kids eat, or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid, you will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. You’re selling a lie. Some people have become clowns to some of us..…”

Zari and Diamond’s relationship came to an end last year over reports of infidelity. Apart from that, the Bongo Flava star has been a common topic within the media houses with several reports placing him with other women, including leaked sex tapes.

Hassan made herself very clear in her statements referring to Platnumz as a heartless person who will never win the public’s favour, yet his own children are having a hard time and he continues to brag in public about how he can support the community.

For someone who has made it his mission to have as many baby mamas as possible across East Africa, it seems he is not capable of taking care of his own offsprings.


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