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52 Ugandans Recover from Coronavirus

The Ministry of Health reported new cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday but there were also recoveries, with some of the initially quarantined patients allowed to return home.

On Tuesday, the ministry reported that five more people who had previously tested positive for coronavirus had recovered after treatment, bringing Uganda’s total recoveries to 52.

“Five patients who were previously confirmed for COVID-19 have recovered, tested negative twice for the disease, and discharged from hospital. Three were discharged from Entebbe Hospital while two patients were discharged from Mulago Hospital,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement on their social media platforms.

According to Monitor Uganda, on Tuesday (April 28), Uganda had registered 79 confirmed cases. However, 14 truckers (eight Tanzanians and six Kenyans) who recently tested positive for the virus in Uganda returned to their respective home countries.

“So far, we have 23 positive truck drivers. Out of these, one Tanzanian truck driver was officially repatriated, 13 truck drivers both Kenyan and Tanzanian exited Uganda on their own. Seven non-Ugandan truck drivers are admitted at our hospitals and undergoing treatment. They are all in stable condition,” Health Minister, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng tweeted on Tuesday.

Uganda continues to register more coronavirus recoveries

Uganda alone has confirmed 81 infections so far with no deaths reported yet, and with 52 recoveries. Based on the statistical data, 53 Ugandans, one Canadian, one Indian resident, two Chinese, two Burundian, nine Kenyans, and 13 Tanzanians have tested positive with coronavirus.

The country is currently under lockdown until May 5 with President Museveni expected to continue with his public address sessions on national television. He has so far addressed the public 12 times since March when the outbreak of the virus pandemic was reported.

“Tonight, at 8 pm, I will deliver my 12th televised/radio address to the country on the subject of the Covid-19 pandemic. I urge you all to continue observing the guidelines given by the government and health officials so that we stop the spread of this disease,” Sevo tweeted on Tuesday.

We continue to hope for the best and encourage everyone to follow the quarantine and safety guidelines until a vaccine is developed to combat the COVID-19 virus.


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