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19 Ugandan Officers Slaughtered In Congo Border Fights

Serious fighting between Ugandan forces and tribal militia near the border with Congo has left over 19 offices dead as one government official said.

The rebels had earlier slaughtered 4 police officers and wounded one solider after they had launched an operation which left about 15 rebels dead.

It seems like a lot negative forces are trying to cause a shake up in the current regime in power taking an example from the previous UPDF deployment in Kabarole.

All this fighting is happening in the western district of Kasese, an area full of opposition thats not happy with President Yoweri Museveni.

Wesley Mumbere a tribal king to the Bakonzo people is believed to behind the conflict

Mumbere is king of Uganda’s Bakonzo people, and some of his supporters have been calling for secession from Uganda, according to Bantariza, who said he had seen copies of money printed by the secessionist group, which is hoping to create a republic known as Yiira.

The current regime has been in power since 1986 and people have grown tired of it. There have also been reports of land grabbing incidents in the Kasese region with the people accusing the government for allowing it to happen.

Kasese is up for grabs with a new plan to divide it into two parts has caused lots of tension in the region leading to fierce fighting and killings.

19 Ugandan Officers Slaughtered In Congo Border Fights 1

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