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Cute Kenyan Reporter Arrested In Kasese

Cute KTN news reporter, Doreen Bira was arrested and remanded at Kasese Central Police Station over illegal filming of military raid on Rwenzururu palace.

The brown cute reporter including five other people were detained by police after they filmed the bloody conflict in Kasese which left over forty six royal guards dead.

Mr Manshur Suwed, Rwenzori Regional Police spokesperson assured us that the hot kyana is safe and will be released on bond in course of the day.

You should not be worried because she is safe at our Central Police Station. She is explaining why she was filming activities that had been restricted and she will be released in due course,” Mr Suwed said.

Ms Joy Biira Doreen

Cute Kenyan Reporter Arrested In Kasese - Spur Magazine
Cute Kenyan reporter, Joy Biira Doreen arrested in Kasese and now at her home being searched by Police

Ms Biira was on her intro when she posted a video of the burning palace on her Instagram account. The clashes in Kasese have left left 14 security personnel killed and more than 100 royal guards arrested including the Rwenzururu King- Mumbere.

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