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50 Cent Isn’t Bankrupt Anymore

Once famous U.S rapper, 50 Cent is no loner broke after emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy Thursday, having repaid his debts worth Shs.31,146,000,000 ($8.7 million) of his own cash and Shs.48,867,000,000 ($13.65 million) malpractice settlement with his ex-lawyers.

The “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” singer filed for bankruptcy in Connecticut federal court in July 2015 shortly after a Florida woman, Lastonia Leviston, won Shs. 25,060,000,000 ($7 million) verdict against him in Manhattan state court.

Curtis jackson aka 50 Cent, listed Shs.128,880,000,000 ($36 million) in debts and under Shs.71,600,000,000 ($20 million) in assets after he drew criticism from the bankruptcy judge for posting social media photos of wads of cash while he claimed to be broke.


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Jackson still had over four years to repay the debts under a court-approved bankruptcy plan. The discharge approval says Jackson still owes unspecified amounts to Bentley, SunTrust Mortgage and Shs.179,000,000 ($50,000) to two women who were injured at his concert in Massachusetts in 2004.

Dear 50 Cent, please clear your debt and stop showing off like a little child.

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