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AMD Finally Releases Its 16 Core Threadripper CPU

AMD just gave PC fans what they want with its new jaw dropping 16 core Threadripper 1950X CPU that was announced today at Shs.3,596,400 ($999).

The new Threadripper CPU will feature a base speed of 3.4GHz with a boost clock of 4GHz. AMD also revealed it will dish out another version of a 12-core Threadripper 1920X CPU at Shs. 2,876,400 ($799).

The new GPU’s are targeting the extreme PC user market which can’t afford to spend more than 2000 dollars on expensive graphics chips. Both chips, along with new motherboards, could be available by August.

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AMD launches it’s new 16 Core Threadripper CPU

AMD has been on a war path these past few months and it has kept its momentum with continuous release of new processing units like the AMD Ryzen CPUs.

The Threadripper may have 16 cores and could be the fastest chip on the market, but Intel already made a move with its 18-core i9 Extreme Edition beast running at base speeds of 3.3Ghz with boost clocks up to 4.3Ghz.

AMD Finally Releases Its 16 Core Threadripper CPU - Spur Magazine
Intel’s i9 Extreme Series chip.

Intel’s Extreme Edition could be way better but let’s face it, AMD beats it when it comes to price. Intel’s i9 CPU costs up to Shs.7,196,400 ($1,999), while its 16-core variant comes down to Shs. 6,476,400 ($1,799).

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what your requirements are. Are you gamer looking for a decent CPU or a designer who needs more power to handle huge tasks, none the less either Intel or AMD could be your best choice.

AMD Finally Releases Its 16 Core Threadripper CPU 1

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