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AMD Releases a New Faster & Cheaper Computer Chip

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is gunning for Intel and Nvidia with its new line of Ryzen chips as it unveiled a new faster & cheaper computer chip.

The new affordable chip, which was partly developed at AMD’s office in Fort Collins, boasts the same speeds & performance as Intel’s top line chips and went on sale Thursday.

Some say that AMD’s move will encourage users to buy desktop computers again because since 2008, laptops have continued to out sale desktops.

A $500 chip that is outperforming a $1,000 chip from Intel? That should tell you about the engineering power AMD has. AMD is not shying away from competition,” said Chirag Dekate, a research director for emerging technologies at Gartner, a market research firm.


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The new Ryzen chip has eight cores instead of the typical four which is like having 16 computers at your whim calculating 16 of your commands simultaneously.

A top AMD Ryzen 3.6 GHz chip, at Shs1,796,400 ($499), sold out Thursday at NewEgg and Amazon. But you could still buy the slightly less powerful 3 and 3.4 Ghz Ryzen chips at midday for Shs.1,328,400 ($369) and Shs.1,580,400 ($439), respectively.

AMD is working on developing a laptop version of the chip, which is expected for release later this year.

For those that wish to build their own desktop PC’s, the Ryzen is the right pick for you since it targets gamers, video editors & content creators who need high performance machines.

AMD Releases a New Faster & Cheaper Computer Chip 1

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