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Pastor Kakande’s New Ride: Lexus 2017


Pastor Kakande imported a brand new black Toyota Lexus which is worth more than shs 600 million.

Social Media immediately blew out because it came just a few days after he had sold “Holy Rice” to his congregations at his Synagogue Ministries church for shs 50,000 per kilo.

Several pictures made rounds of the car on a freight hauler as it made its way from URA border customs with a fresh “UBA 380E” number plate.

Pastor Kakande’s new Lexus 2017 in all its glory

From the looks of it we’ve identified that its an 8-seater Lexus LX 570 V8 model in the 2016/17 series.

Some corridor reports even whispered that Pastor Sam Kakande was arrested for selling Holy Rice and taking advantage of his congregation, but clearly they couldn’t make the claims stick.

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Pressure is now amounting on the gov’t to control Pastors in Uganda as they come with newer ridiculous ways to exploit their desperate and faithful followers like Prophet Elvis Mbonye who has Uganda’s elite pledging least shs 250,000 just to receive blessings, prophecy and prayers.

Pastor Kakande has several expensive “Holy” cars and we doubt he will stop buying more of them anytime soon.


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