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Apple Caves and Releases Dual SIM iPhone

Apple phone owners must have the highest level of massape in Uganda, they flaunt it around whenever they have company like it is a Ferrari made from a mineral mined on the moon.

I’m sure they have already been bragging about the new products Apple launched at their event this month, the new iWatch, the iPhone 8, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The best news for us peasants was hearing that Apple announced its iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max would come with dual SIM capabilities.

Why? It is because our iPhone basummer always brag about how their phones use only one SIM and how Tecno and other Android brands were fake since they supported adding more than one SIM card.

They would go on to say only Chinese phones have dual SIM, forgetting that all Apple products too are made in China at a factory under Foxconn. I always found these conversations amusing.

Apple will always be Apple though, they will add a some royco to the luwombo and make it look like it is something totally new. So, the dual SIMs are not both physical slots – except if you are in China of course; those will get models with physical dual line slots.

Everyone else around the world will get the version with an eSIM and one physical nano-SIM slot. What the heck is an eSIM? It is digital SIM, the telecom sends you settings and your phone just connects to it; kind of similar to the old CDMA technology.

By now you know that the eSIM won’t work in Africa yet, so if that slayer waves around their mega eSIM iPhone XS from Dubai or Mutasa Kafeero, slap them back to 2018. The feature will only be supported in United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, US, Spain, and India so far.

Apple said that the dual SIM functionality would be activated in the iPhone XS and XS Max when they release their iOS 12.1 second beta update, there is no exact date on when that will be.

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Apple Caves and Releases Dual SIM iPhone 1

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