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Bible Burning Pastor: Bujingo to Face Courts of Law

Pastor Aloysius Bujingo, a few months back surprised and shocked the Ugandan Christian community when he and his Canan Land Church congregation decided to burn thousands of bibles.

Photographs of the shocking incident flooded social media causing an outrage among the community. According to reports, the reason pastor Bujingo burnt the bibles is because he believed that the holy book had been tempered with and certain content removed which he deemed evil.

Pastor Aloysius didn’t deny the claims and went ahead to continue to preach to his masses at the Canan Land Church.


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However, the bible burning pastor is now facing charges and is soon going to appear before court as a certain group of Christian members decided to file a case against Bujingo.

Veteran actor Aloysius Matovu Kizza and Francisco Evangelist Ssemugooma filed a suit against the Canan Land pastor calling him to appear before court for allegedly violating their freedom to worship by burning several versions of the Holy Bible.

Kizza and Francisco also claim that there are other several Christians who share the same interest and want the crazy pastor Bujingo stopped.

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