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Bishop Criticizes Meat Thieves During Service

An Anglican bishop of St Paul’s Cathedral in Kako in Masaka, was angered by his community members when his Christmas meat was stolen and openly talked about it during the service.

Bishop Henry Katumba Tamale, are recently consecrated Bishop of West Buganda, was deeply hurt by the incident and gave his testimony which shocked his congregation.

The delicious goat meat meant for his visitors that day was sniped by a gang of meat lovers leaving nothing for the bishop to serve at his residence.

Bishop Katumba said that the thieves had been captured by the CCTV cameras installed at his residence and threatened to seek vengeance for his goat meat. The bishop’s warning was direct and clear and was quoted to have said,

“I extracted the footage from the CCTV camera and clearly viewed the persons that were involved in the theft. All those involved has the obligation to come to me and repent of this wrong doing and negotiate on how I can delete the video, otherwise , I will keep your embarrassing video,”

We’re truly sorry for your loss Bishop Katumba but next time buy chicken instead. It’s way cheaper compared to goat meat.

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