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Bobi Wine Pissed at Police for Cancelling His Shows

Member of Parliament and singer Bobi Wine is not happy with the Uganda’s Police decision to cancel all his upcoming shows according to a statement issued on Sunday.

According to Bobi in his statement, ‘Uganda Police, what a shame that you constantly allow yourselves to be used to break the law! Last night you once again exposed your partisanship, gross incompetence and a pathetic derogation from your oath to serve all Ugandans without fear, favor or ill will, and to abide by the Constitution of this land.

Shame, shame and shame on you for attacking and waylaying me and my team in the night at my hotel in Jinja. Even when I had made my appearance in broad day light waiting to perform at a show which I was paid to sing at and which you cleared!’

Read full statement here.

Bobi Wine has asked the Uganda Police to provide him with a valid answer as to why his shows were cancelled which is a violation of his rights to practice his profession as singer.

The Ug Police has caused a lot loses for promoters and Bobi starting with the previous Saturday show in Jinja which was a failure. Over 40 shows countrywide were to be booked for the Kyandondo MP to perform but now all that could be coming to an end.

The ghetto president is now seeking full explanation for the injustice towards him including the unlawful arrests of his people.

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Bobi Wine Pissed at Police for Cancelling His Shows 1

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