Bolt Boda Rider Exposed On Twitter | Spurzine

Bolt Boda Rider Exposed On Twitter

There has been a wave of incidents that have rocked the Ugandan transport sector ever since it went digital for some platforms such as the boda boda and taxi industry.

Several clients have found themselves facing rude, disrespectful and at times even violent motorcycle riders or taxi drivers on different platforms such as Uber, Safe Boda and Bolt (Taxify) to mention but a few with many cases going unreported while others the respective companies don’t bother to follow up.

We were beyond astonished when a young lady recently took to Twitter to expose the recklessness and demeaning nature of some of the riders on these platforms.

The lady in question, known as Dinah Vence on Twitter shared screenshots from her smartphone showcasing the horrible experience she had with a Bolt boda rider on July 8, 2019. According to her, she ordered for a ride but after the trip ended, the rider contested against the amount listed by the app.

After what seemed like a verbal exchange between the two, the rider took it too far by sending insulting texts to the customer later threatening to bewitch her for the Shs.1500 she refused to pay.

The images below are screen shots showing the ordeal Dinah went through after her boda boda trip had ended;

Bolt Boda Rider Exposed On Twitter | Spurzine

Bolt Boda Rider Exposed On Twitter | Spurzine



















This is just one of the few cases that have gotten limelight and there are still those that have been swept under the rug or have never surfaced. Something has to be done to end this kind of behavior amongst riders with more restrictions and checks put in place to ensure that clients don’t have to deal with this kind of abuse.

Do you have an untold story and would like to share your ordeal about similar incidents with Bolt or any other boda rider app? Then feel free to reach out to us through email: info[a]


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