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Police Spokesperson Andrew Kaweesi Shot Dead

The Uganda Police Force spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi has been shot dead by two unknown bodaboda assailants on his way home.

He was shot in Kisaasi on his way to Kulambiro just a few meters from where he stays.

3 people died on the spot, him, his two body guards Kenneth Erau and Godfrey Mambewa. Details are still unclear on who killed him and why.


The IGP Kale Kayihura and the police arrived at the scene later, detectives collected samples and took the bodies to Mulago for post mortem where the lab was heavily guarded.

Dr. Kizza Besigye was approached by media for a statement and he said that the deceased was as intelligent as Mayombo, he is shocked and saddened that he was gunned down the way he was.

He went to state that there is a Mafia state in Uganda where the mafia operate the way they please and are killing top people in government and high profile citizens, we should all be afraid. Dr. Besigye said these people are related to the government because of their lack of fear and precision used in carrying out their hits.

When asked whether he was afraid, he simply said that he no longer fears for his life is now protected by God.

President Museveni came out to speak against the brutal act as well and ordered the immediate installation of surveillance cameras around cities and high ways to curb crime since police is still using very traditional means of gathering intelligence.

He promised they will do whatever they can to track down and nab or kill the criminals.


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Friday, 17/03/17 10:59 a.m: It is confirmed that the Deputy IGP was heading to UCU Mukono to give a talk to the students.

Friday, 17/03/17 11:30 a.m: What we know so far from eye witness reports

Two unknown gunmen on a boda waited for the deceased outside his home, they then started shooting at around 9am when he got out to go for a talk at UCU. They then calmly opened the doors of deputy IGP Kaweesi’s car and shot him and the guards again then rode off.

The first policeman at the scene had no gun on him and came by Boda 40 minutes later.

Last Update: The deceased’s Requiem mass will be held tomorrow and his vigil will be at his home in Kulambiro.

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