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President Museveni Puts Kaweesi’s Death on Police and Public Servants

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his wife Janet Museveni went to the vigil of the late Police Spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi who was fatally gunned down on Friday morning a few metres from his home.

President Museveni spoke to the mourners present today evening at Kaweesi’s home in Kulambiro. He was shocked to learn that Kaweesi was from his clan and expressed how sad he felt that the nation had lost a great man in service that couldn’t easily be replaced.

Using Bodabodas (motorcycles) to commit atrocities because they are many and its harder to catch them will not protect them, the president vow that they will find them and kill them unless they surrender. They will be defeated the same way they defeated Kony, cattle rustlers and bombers.


“If you see someone suspicious following you and you’ve the capacity, get out of the car and sort him out” ~ Museveni said urging everyone to be vigilant and alert.


He went on to state that it is the public servants such as lecturers who strike and civil servants who cause such problems for the country, they keep asking for salary increments.

Museveni Speaks at Kaweesi Vigil - Spur Magazine
Museveni Speaking at the late Andrew Kaweesi’s Vigil in Kulambiro – Spur Magazine

There is need to clean the police and security agencies, he respects the great job IGP Kale Kayihura has done but there are people inside the Police force who are working with criminals such as the CID.

He warned the security agencies from taking sides with criminals like Rwakataka. These institutions are there to help the citizens not themselves, he couldn’t believe how the many decentralisations of ISO failed to stop such a thing from happening.

He made several hints at the police and public service and how he had several clues pieced together showing that the people behind the hits originate from there. He emphasised that the police has been infiltrated by criminals.


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Several people and witnesses have information but they fear to report to security because they will either be intimidated or killed.

President Museveni said, people are in fear because these gunmen have put an end to the peace in the country. He emphasised again how much there is need for surveillance cameras and it must happen no matter what as soon as possible.

Condolences and heartfelt sympathy were also expressed by the president to the families of the body guard and driver that died with Andrew Kaweesi. He said the government would offer support because the brave men died in the line of duty.

One of the most profound quotes the president said in his speech are:


“Public servants repent for the kingdom of God is soon”


The brutal and precise way the AIGP was killed showed that the hitmen had advanced training and could be former police or military personnel, conspiracists are still at bay but a few are speaking in the corridors.

Dr. Kizza Besigye was quick to say that Uganda is now a Mafia” state where no one is safe. The death of AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, a high ranking official dealt a blow of silence and pain to the whole nation.

We hope those responsible are brought to justice soon.

President Museveni Puts Kaweesi's Death on Police and Public Servants 2

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