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Cardi B Grabs A Win Against Tasha K In Defamation Lawsuit


Cardi B, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar grabbed a win against famous YouTuber Latasha Transrina Kebe, who goes by the name Tasha K in a defamation lawsuit that was described as a malicious defamation campaign against the rapper.

According to reports by CNN, Tasha K devoted herself to carrying out a “malicious” defamation campaign against Cardi B in order to “damage and destroy” her reputation among her fans which was stated clearly in a 2019 lawsuit filed in the US District Court Northern District of Georgia.

“Kebe published multiple false and defamatory statements about Plaintiff, including that Plaintiff was a prostitute, that Plaintiff was a user of cocaine, that Plaintiff had and still has herpes,” the lawsuit read, which was filed against Tasha K and Kebe Studios LLC.

“By making and publishing the statements, and campaign of harassing videos, including the Defamatory Videos, Defendants were intending to cause Plaintiff emotional distress,” the lawsuit stated, and also claimed Cardi B “suffered severe humiliations” and “mental anguish.”

Tasha K and her studio released videos on their YouTube channel that were deemed as a form of defamation campaign against the rapper who clearly stated that the claims were false and defamatory against her.

Some of the statements and claims that were made against Cardi B by Kebe in her videos were that she “f***ed herself with beer bottles on f***ing stripper stages,” while others claimed she had contracted herpes and was a prostitute, according to Billboard

However, it was later revealed that Kebe had admitted to having published lies but reportedly tried to walk back that statement. Jurors found her liable for defamation as well as invasion of privacy through portrayal in a false light, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Cardi B Wins Defamation Lawsuit Against Tasha K

A jury on Monday awarded Cardi B $1.5 million in punitive damages, $1 million for general damages — such as pain and suffering or reputational injury — and $1,338,753.47 in litigation expenses, court papers show. She was also awarded $250,000 in medical expenses, but both parties agreed to reduce that to $25,000.

Cardi B thanked the jury in a statement and said, “These past couple of years have been difficult for me and constantly reliving it. Very hard for me. Thank you to the jurors, you know. The jurors took time off they regular lives … and made a very fair and right decision.”

Tasha K, however, has promised to fight her $3 million court loss to the rapper this week in a discursive statement Wednesday that railed against “the machine” and “corporate interests.”

“These last four years fighting this conspiracy case, have been extremely challenging … The verdict handed down on Monday was no shock to myself, my husband or my legal team. We called bluff against a machine that wanted to bully me for not wavering from my personal beliefs,” Kebe stated.

“A machine that has corporate interests to protect prostitution, drug use, promiscuity and to glorify the violence that wreaks havoc in our society and in our neighborhood.” Later, she claimed said machine threatened her life.


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