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US Secret Service Arrested Kansas Man Who Claimed God Ordered Him to Kill Biden


Things got interesting over the weekend when the US Secret Service charged a Kansas man with threatening to harm President Joe Biden after he claimed to have been told by God to do so.

According to CNN, the US Secret Service agents who apprehended the suspect claimed that the Kansas man was following orders from the all mighty and that “he had been told by God to travel to Washington, DC to ‘lop off the head of the serpent in the heart of the nation.’ ”

The agents are reported to have found Scott Ryan Merryman in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Hagerstown, Maryland, on Wednesday, according to a criminal complaint. He allegedly explained to the agents that he was heading to the White House because “he had to deliver a message to President Biden, and advise him that people were fed up with the divisiveness in the country and to turn back to God (or go to hell).”

Merryman was charged with making threats against the President of the United States and with interstate communication containing a threat to harm. There is no information about an attorney for Merryman listed in online court records. The case was reported by The Daily Beast, a media outlet based in New York.

Secret Service agents said in the complaint that they had searched Merryman and found a magazine loaded with three rounds of .45 ammunition and scope in his backpack — but no weapons. They said Merryman had told them that God told him to bring the ammo and that the spotting scope was for “doing recon.”

According to the report logs, the secret service agents also stated that “Merryman made numerous comments about God, being guided by God, cloaked in the ‘blood of the lamb,’ and armoured by God” before his arrest.

US Secret Service apprehended Scott Ryan Merryman in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel restaurant

The next day, Merryman called the White House switchboard shortly after 11 a.m., according to court records, and made threats against Biden. In the call to the White House, Merryman allegedly said he was “coming to the White House, and was going to cut off the head of the snake/anti-Christ.”

The White House operator called the Secret Service and an agent then spoke with Merryman. During the conversation with the agent, Merryman allegedly said, “I’m coming for his b*tch a** sleepy Joe. I’m talking about President Biden and you can quote me.”

The agent said Merryman continued making threats, saying, “I’m coming with three bullets no guns. You got two minutes, and then I’m coming,” he told the agent, according to the complaint. “That’s it! You’re dead!”

Merryman, who does not have a lawyer listed in court records, is facing charges for threatening the United States president. We are not sure whether it is related to any mental health issues as more details are yet to be revealed about the case.


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