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Club Pilsner Laced With Poison

Friday evening bore bad news in Kampala and the broader Ugandan community. Latest hot news is that several people who downed a couple of beers belonging to Nile Breweries ended up poisoned.

This is believed to be the vendetta of a disgruntled worker at Nile Breweries which brews Club Pilsner. He contaminated a whooping 2.45 billion litres of beer in production, that is worth a whole country wide supply.

We are not yet sure what happened to this disgruntled employee at the factory to lead him to do something so inhumane that it was going to claim the lives of several Ugandans.

I believe there is more to this story than the company is letting in on

Hopefully those responsible will and the police manage to contain the situation and will find out what exactly happened. This raises the point of strengthening Uganda’s Labour Unions, majority of which are passive.

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