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Donald Trump Now Hiring Wrestlers for His Cabinet

President-elect Donald Trump is again bringing us more surprises as he brings wrestlers on to his administrative team as announced on Wednesday.

Trump has made several changes to his cabinet as a few weeks ago, he was filling up the cabinet with billionaires and millionaires yet he had promised his supporters to rid the government of rich spoiled brats.

The president-elect plans to nominate professional-wrestling executive Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration.

We are expecting to see some WWE action in the cabinet from now on as Donald has made it clear he is gunning for the most dramatic cabinet of all time.

McMahon, 68, a co-founder and former chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment, was one of Trump’s early backers and contributed more than $6.5 million to support his campaign.

She and Trump have had business ties for decades, dating to the late 1980s when WWE, then known as the World Wrestling Federation, held Wrestle Mania, an annual pay-per-view event, at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.

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Donald Trump Now Hiring Wrestlers for His Cabinet 1

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