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Huawei Honor Magic Smartphone Is A Beauty

The Chinese company has done it again and has now brought us the Huawei Honor Magic. An hi-tech, beautifully curved smartphone to blow our minds out.

The Huawei Honor Magic is packed with interesting tech, from a dual-camera system on the back to an eye-tracking sensor from Tobii on the front — and a whole lot of custom software in between.

A gorgeous 5-inch AMOLED screen display with a 2560×1440 resolution, gives it a high 577 PPI. The Dual 12-megapixel cameras on the back are more than capable of producing excellent pictures.

A fingerprint reader has been added and the phone frame itself has sensor technology coupled with a front eye-tracking unit from Tobii. This is the first smarphone to have such a feature since Tobii generally builds them into laptops and monitors.

The beauty of the Huawei Honor Magic

Huawei Honor Magic Smartphone Is A Beauty - Spur Magazine


Face recognition capbilites are also part of the Honor Magic plus other biometric authentication features come as a bonus package.

Huawei Honor Magic comes with a custom Android build with an AI assistant that can help track and guide you on movie selections, directions and much more.

Sadly, this beast will only be available in China and we’re not sure whether it will made available for other markets like Africa or US. Fingers crossed, lets pray we get a chance to see it in action even in the African market

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