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PS4 Sells Like Hot Cake

Sony announced its PlayStation 4 video games console has exceeded 50 million sales worldwide on Wednesday boosted by record consumer interest on Black Friday.

The big-time seller since the Play Station 2, confirmed that it was in the lead and topping sales since Black Friday.

The PlayStation 4 has now sold more units than Microsoft’s Xbox One (30 million) and Nintendo’s Wii U (13 million) combined which confirms its position as the fastest-selling games console.

Gaming is a money maker for tech giants and Sony has made sure to exploit this venue with its Xperia smart-phone brand and consoles so as generate competitive sales revenue.

The PlayStation VR is also within reach as Sony’s first foray into virtual reality which has been added to its new PS 4 consoles such as the PlayStation 4 Pro.

“Smartphone VR headsets will represent the largest addressable market for VR content because of cheaper pricing. The smartphone VR base will be a major opportunity for VR content experimentation,” Ian Fogg, Senior Director at IHS Technology, said in a note.

Its a big year for Sony and we await for more greatness to come.

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