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IGP Ochola Instructs Ugandans to Arrest Police Officers

The recently assigned Inspector General of Police (IGP) Okoth Ochola instructed Ugandan civilians to arrest or stone armed police officers in the afternoon today.

IGP Ochola was addressing state of security in Uganda while at police headquarters in Naguru.

He said in the event where police officers conduct a wrongful arrest or in a cruel manner, the public should arrest those officers and that if they’re scared of the ones who are armed, let them stone them.

The IGP said that the officers going to carry out an arrest a required to identify themselves and provide a valid reason for arrest.

We find these instructions particularly amusing since this might be interpreted as the failure by government to effectively protect its citizens and to identify rogue police. This situation isn’t new in Uganda, those that lived through the frequent turbulence before the mid – 1990’s remember that security was the responsibility of the citizen and that is why many of them had guns before disarmament by the new government led by Museveni.

Few would wish to return to this era and even if the IGP meant this literally, we doubt many will act upon these commands.

This state of security address comes at a time when there are so many robberies, murders, kidnaps, cases of missing guns and several government security personnel especially in the police being arrested on numerous cases linked to crime, terrorism and attempts to overthrow the government.

Only time will tell what lies ahead.

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IGP Ochola Instructs Ugandans to Arrest Police Officers 1

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