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Is Wiz Kid Too Good For Africa?

Wizkid, aka Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, a failure to Uganda and Africa as a whole If may say so due to his recent acts has left a mark on us all.

The Nigerian mega star who was scheduled to perform in Kampala on the 3rd of December at Lugogo Cricket Oval disappointed his fans after he realized he had forgotten his TP at home.

Startimes and Face TV were the major organizers of the anticipated concert but they were in for a shock when their money maker, Wizkid dumped them without thinking twice.

This isn’t the first time the Nigerian star has failed to show up to a show due to forces beyond his control.

In just 2016 alone, the star has failed three shows on the continent either by not showing up or giving them a substandard performance. He bailed on Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi respectively which clearly shows that singer is not up to task.

Wizkid may be a big star now due to his recent deals with R.Kelly, Chris Brown, French Montana, Trey Songz and Tinie Tempah but that doesn’t excuse his recent stupidity.

And of course lets not forget about how he featured on Drake’s One Dance a song that has been the longest running UK number one for 15 weeks.

Wiz Kid finally made highlights this year when he signed with Sony Music after a battle for him with Universal Records. So, we really cant put a price tag on a guy like that in our market however, we just have to wait for him to go out of business and maybe he can give us his performances.

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