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KCCA: Kampala Meat Can’t Be Trusted

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), has informed the public about the hygienic state of the city abattoir as it found it to be at low standards and poses a danger to our health.

Their have been fights and wrangles within the power house about the state of city abattoir and its threatening condition. KCCA earlier today made its findings clear that the abattoir is operating in “very unhygienic conditions.”

“’The abattoir operates in a grossly unhygienic state, due to the non-supervision by our public health/sanitation officers,” Benny Bugembe, the state minister for KKCA told MPs.

According to New Vision, Bugembe a Mubende district woman MP was at parliament together with a section of KCCA’s top brass to deal with the matter concerning the City Abattoir which have seen city authorities fail to collect taxes from the slaughter house since 2011.

KCCA has done its inspections and as declared the famous meat butchering arena a place not worth trusting since it has failed to maintain safety measures to keep the butchery clean and safe which endangers the lives of its consumers.

For a long time now, a few Ugandans including other authorities have found the city abattoir to be in need of change and development. However, it seems like a few higher ups are not concerned about the safety and health of its country men.

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