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Rwenzururu King Charged for Terrorism

Charles Mumbere, the Rwenzururu king has been charged with terrorism just a month after the government raided the palace in Kasese which led to a massacre leaving more than 80 dead.

The king denies any involvement in the violence that occurred  and claims it wasn’t his fault that things went out of hand at the palace which saw many slaughtered.

Mumbere is also facing extra charges of aggravated robbery and attempted murder which were laid against him during the court hearing in the eastern town of Jinja.

About 100 people were arrested during the confrontations and twelve others, including royal guards and a witch-doctor, have also been charged without room to plead.

The Rwenzururu kingdom was also accussed for recruiting and training militants that are seeking secession from the rest of Uganda to create their own republic, to be called Yira.

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Rwenzururu King Charged for Terrorism 1

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