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LeBron & Maverick Carter Raise $100M to Build Media Company for Black Voices

LeBron James alongside his long-time business partner, Maverick Carter are working together to build something amazing that offers Blacks a space to voice out their ideas through content.

According to reports by Hot 97, LeBron and Carter are taking the narrative into their own hands and are building a new media company that aims to amplify Black creators and consumers.

James and Carter created the SpringHill Co. after raising $100 million for their brilliant idea, and plan to build their own media company that’s focused on promoting and giving creative room for all kinds of content to those creators and consumers who’ve been “ignored or go underserved.”

According to Bloomberg’s Jason Kelly, SpringHill Entertainment has received investments from Guggenheim Partners LLC, UC Investments, Sister and SC. Holdings to reach the $100 million.

LeBron James and Maverick Carter have been long-time business partners

The production company founded by James and Maverick Carter has been very prolific in spearheading film and television projects over the past several years.

Some of the popular titles that have come out from the venture include documentary movies like More than a Game (2008), The Carter Effect (2017) and Shut Up and Dribble (2018); as well as television competition programs The Wall and Million Dollar Mile.

Apart from that, the company’s other recent projects also include the Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020 special for graduating seniors who didn’t receive a formal ceremony because of the coronavirus pandemic, and the upcoming movie Space Jam 2, with James in a starring role.

It’s good to see two NBA stars working together to elevate their communities and also the media industry while offering equal opportunities to those that feel they have been left out and ignored.


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