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Lorry Tears Through German Christmas Market

A large Scania lorry with Polish number plates at around 11:30p.m Monday evening crashed into a Christmas market in Germany killing at least 9 people, leaving many injured and several trapped under debris.

The market is at Breitscheidplatz close to the Kurfuerstendamm, the main shopping street in the city’s west.

Police believes the track belonged to a Polish delivery company, the Guardian’s Kate Connolly reports. The company said the lorry left Poland on Monday afternoon to go to Berlin, but they lost touch with the driver at 4pm local time.

“It would appear that the lorry might have been hijacked,” Kate Connolly writes.

truck ploughs into christmas market Germany - Spur magazine


Earlier German media reported that the lorry driver was on the run, but there has been confirmation by police that the possible suspect has been captured and is in police custody.

This appears to be a potential terror attack as a visiting resident from Birmingham, UK retold his witness account of how he just missed getting him by metres. Let’s not forget a similar thing happened during the Nice attack in France where more than 80 people were killed.

The police has gone on to warn people in the area to stay indoors for now and to avoid speculating rumours and that the areas nearby are now safe.

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