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Berlin Police Arrest Wrong Man in Terror Attack

Yesterday night was a deeply sad and disturbing moment for many Germans when a huge 7,000kg Scania lorry at about 65kmh rammed through the Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz leaving 12 dead and 48 injured in what is suspected to be a terror attack.

The Berlin police worked around the hour and raided a large shelter for asylum seekers at Berlin’s defunct Tempelhof airport overnight, 4 men were questioned but not arrested except Naved Baluch, a 23-year-old Pakistani seeking asylum in Germany according to the Welt Daily.

Naved was arrested less than 2km away from the scene of the attack near Victoria Column.


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However, Naved has since denied any involvement in the attack and the police have concluded that reports suggest the real attacker is out there heavily armed and dangerous. All people have been to be very cautious and vigilant.

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The other passenger of the truck was of Polish origin and died in the crash, the driver whom the lorry was hijacked from was found beaten, stabbed and shot dead in the cabin of the lorry. Lukasz Wasik, the manager of the company the truck belongs to described him as  a “good, quiet and honest person” devoted to his work.

Lukasz believes the deceased driver, Lukasz Urban, 37 years might have tried to fight off the hijackers so as not to give up the lorry but was later overpowered. He said this while identifying his cousin from photos shown to him by authorities.

As more updates trickle in, already members of other parties and conservatives are lashing out at Germany’s policies on immigration, many taking direct jabs at German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

You can also follow more on the real time updates on The Telegraph.

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