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Maama Fiina’s Husband Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu Shot Dead

Maama Fiina’s husband Major Muhammad Kiggundu and his driver/body guard Sergeant Mukasa were shot dead today, Saturday morning in their army Toyota Hilux double cabin on Masanafu road by unknown armed men on a bodaboda.

Major Muhammad was heading for a morning talk show at Pearl FM. Maama Fiina first collapsed on hearing this news before she recollected herself and made her way to the scene full of grief and tears.

Details are still coming in but Police spokesperson Felix Kaweesa was quick to assert that these could be linked to the recent intense chain murders on muslim clerics and encouraged the muslim leaders to accept police protection.


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This is a new bold move we are seeing involving a direct and public hit on a soldier. There has been a lot of recent instability and shootings on the rise in Kampala and the country in general where assassinations are becoming  common whereas others are being reckless with guns like the Kanyamunyu saga.

Many are quick to turn this political and claim he was assassinated by a some people in government whereas others are believing in that it was a robbery since quick word is going around that those that shot them made off with cash in that was in the car.

The only questions you have to ask yourself are why would the Major have been carrying cash to a radio station? Is it a coincidence that he was trailed and killed on his way to the radio show? How did the assailants know his full movements, plans and execute the whole murder?

Most of these questions may never be answered, our deepest condolescences go out to renown traditional healer Maama Fiina and family and hope they will get justice and closure. RIP.

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