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Makerere University: Too Many Ghost Students!

Makrerere University has been hit with shocking revelations after the visitation committee investigating the ghost student theory established that the institution has been budgeting for more students than it actually has.

According to reports by sources close to the investigation team, it has been revealed that Makerere University has been collecting money from students, which is not going to the University’s central bank account.

In November 2016, a nine member committee was appointed by President Yoweri Museveni to invesitage the matter concerning the ghost student affairs of Makerere university. The decision was arrived at after the university was closed following weeks of a sit-down strike by lecturers and students.

The investigation team during its course of work has now come across a frigthening but sad truth after it interviewed senior past and current administrators, students, teaching and non-teaching staff and also carried out a head-count to establish the correct student population.

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Based on reports from our sources, the committee found, that the university was reporting inflated student numbers and had placed its official figure at 46,000 students yet the actual number is around 30,000 students.

One should also note that, this may not even be close to the actual number since some of the students may not have been present during the head count.

Sources also revealed that at least 4,000 students were found not to have identity cards, or thier names were absent from the University’s official records and yet they were paying fees, which money was never included on the central account.

The number of ghost students in Makerere hasn’t yet been confirmed fully but don’t be surprised if it crosses to more than 30,000.

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