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Paul Kagame Regime Extends for Third Term

Paul Kagame, the Rwandan president has strengthen his grip onto power after his party endorsed him for another third term in the presidency seat.

The Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), the leading political party of Rwanda and also the flag bearer for Paul Kagame, endorsed him for another term of seven years.

The road to Kagame’s victory was secured after he got a major boost for his re-election when over 10 opposition parties endorsed for the extension of his term. There is also a bid to change of Constitution to remove presidential term limits.

The people’s reaction to the re-election of Kagame hasn’t been met with surprise and many seem to have expected this to happen.

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Today should have been the day for me to pass the baton to someone else but a decision was made by you that I run again and I accept,” he told his supporters.

Many members at the Rwanda Patriotic Front Congress danced cheerfully and praised the president as they nominated him to run for yet another 7-year term.

“Who is going to lead us? He is the only one, he is the only one, he is Kagame,” chanted the crowd as they rose to dance to welcome the decision to have the 59-year old contest the August 4 elections, which he is poised to win.

“I am sure victory is going to be ours,” said Kagame in his acceptance speech in which he pleaded with Rwandans to redouble their efforts in their country of 12 million people.

Paul Kagame also said that the next seven years, if elected, would be a transition period for him. According to his statement, this may have probably meant that he would ready to pass on the seat of presidency to someone else.

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