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Microfinance Minister In Dogs for Forged Papers

Mr Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo is in hot soup over having fake academic papers after Ronald Katumba, a resident of Rakai District filed a complaint with Masaka High Court.

Katumba says Kyeyune forged academic papers which he presented for nomination as a candidate for  Kyotera Parliamentary seat and he is gunning for him over the false documentation.

On December 16, under Justice John Eudes Keitirima, the high court will decide on whether the petition challenging State Minister can be filed.

Katumba claims he had made enough research about our bad boy Kyeyune, and the academic documents he used were adopted  under a different name, Kasolo which did not belong to him.

We await December 16 to see how far this grudge goes between the two.

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Microfinance Minister In Dogs for Forged Papers 1

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