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Pakistani Judge Bans Valentine’s Day

A Pakistani judge may have broken some few hearts after he banned Valentine’s Day in the nation’s capital of Islamabad.

The ban was put in effect on Monday after a citizen’s petition was made to cease public celebrations of the holiday in the city. The citizen’s felt that the holiday did not align with Islamic values and teachings which later gave the judge more reason to ban the celebrations.

An order was sent to Pakistan’s media regulator to black out any promotions, whether print or electronic, of the holiday.


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The Pakistani’s that were preparing to pour out their hearts to their loved ones lost all hope when the romantic day was banned from the state capital.

Apart from Pakistan, other countries like Indonesia, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia have taken a similar stance against valentine’s day. The romantic day has raised concerns in some of these countries who feel it goes against with traditional cultures and view it as a spread of Western culture.

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