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Blac Chyna Denies Cheating On Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna is reportedly getting sick and tired of being accused of cheating on Rob Kardashian. According to reports, Blac has always been accused of being unfaithful to the father of her child yet she claims to be fully committed to their relationship.

When Blac Chyna takes a photo with another man, she’s always accused of spending too much time with other people instead of spending it with her family.


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Chyna has always tried to explain to Rob that she’s not cheating on him but he doesn’t trust her enough to believe that what she’s telling him is the truth. The two lovers have been together for 13 months now, it puzzles Blac to think that her man has absolutely no faith in her.

Blac Chyna Denies Cheating On Rob Kardashian 1

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