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Palestine Asks Russia to Stop Trump, Save Jerusalem

Donald Trump before even officially becoming the inaugurated President of the United States of America on 20th January, 2017 has already caused a lot of turmoil and drama all over the world. He clashed with the Chinese over a drone & Taiwan, CIA over Intelligence briefings and matters at hand, Boeing & Lockheed Martin, occasionally affects stock markets with his tweets and he just provoked Palestine.

Palestinians are very emotional and sensitive about the city of Jerusalem and even consider it the future capital of their state once they are officially recognised as a country, however Israel also lays claim over Jerusalem as their capital. This has been probably the biggest fuel for the fight between Israel and Palestine over the years.

Donald Trump has pledged that he will move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, this is greatly opposed by the Palestinians and they see the move as a recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli’s capital.

Donald Trump has caused a lot of turmoil and drama since becoming the president

The Grand Mufti told worshipers that the move would be an assault against Muslims worldwide and warned it would bring tensions in the Middle East sinking what remains of the peace efforts.

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“The pledge to move the embassy is not just an assault against Palestinians but against Arabs and Muslims, who will not remain silent,” Sheikh Muhammad Hussein said in his Friday sermon at Al-Aqsa mosque in the annexed East Jerusalem’s Old City.

Palestinian leaders called for the weekly Friday prayers at mosques across the Middle East this week to protest Trump’s campaign pledge.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas asked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for help by sending top Palestinian official Saeb Erekat to Moscow.

The letter asks President Putin to do what he can about the information they have that President-elect Donald Trump will move the embassy to Jerusalem, which for the Palestinians is a red line and dangerous. Abbas said after meeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

A letter was also written to President Elect Donald Trump to request him not to move the embassy. Previous US presidents such as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton all made similar promises to move the embassy to Jerusalem but always changed their minds on their commitment since the US and most UN member states do not recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and the city’s status is a very complicated issue that has caused decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Israel currently occupies the West Bank and east Jerusalem since 1967. It later annexed the city’s Arab eastern sector, in a move never recognised by the international community.

A senior Palestinian official says the Palestinian leadership have been informed by diplomatic contacts that Trump could call for the move in his inauguration speech on January 20.

We are watching the space for what will happen 6 days from now. If Trump actually makes this move, there could be reactions from the Middle East.

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