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PlayStation 4 New Update Fixes Storage Issue

PlayStation 4, one of the most selling consoles since 2015 has released a new update and this around fixes a major issue that has been bothering a lot of users.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is popular and has sold over 50 million units since launch in 2013 and has amassed a huge library of games in span of four years.

The storage space issue

For a while now, PlayStation 4 users have had issues dealing with limited storage space since most users have testified about how quickly their drives fill up since most consoles come with a standard 500GB hard drive.

The frustrating part is where gamers have had to delete their old games so as to make more room for other games but now this won’t be an issue anymore.


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PlayStation 4 New Update Fixes Storage Issue - Spur Magazine
A Japanese screenshot confirmed that the PlayStation 4 4.50 update will introduce Boost Mode for PlayStation 4 Pro, which should bring performance – Image by

The new PS 4 4.50 update fixes this by adding external drive support to the system. One will be able to add up to an 8TB external hard drive with USB3.0 for storing your favorite games, movies and music. This a major upgrade for the PlayStation 4, finally catching up the Microsoft’s Xbox One which has had this feature since 2014.

The new update will also include custom backgrounds for in game screen shots as well as an update to the quick menu to make it more useful when inviting friends to parties. Other features recently added to the system include ability to play 3D Blu-Rays on PSVR.

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