Ugandans Are The Baddest Pork Eaters 1
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Ugandans Are The Baddest Pork Eaters

Everyone is good at something, even if it means being good at being bad. A study released by the International Livestock Research Institute showed how Uganda is the biggest pork consumer in Africa and second to China globally.

According to the Daily Monitor, the research conducted in Masaka and Kamuli districts of Uganda showed a link between sweet potato production and pig rearing for subsistence and commercial purposes. Currently 1.1 million households keep pigs according to Dr.Ben Lukuyu the country representative of the International Research Institute.

Potato vines which are key in making silage for the pigs means that the more pig farmers exist the more farmers who deal in sweet potatoes. This has also made Uganda the leading producer of sweet potatoes in Africa.

This got us thinking at Spur Magazine to compile a favorable way to highlight what each country is good at.

Be warned the Map covers all nations and don’t worry about being perceived as gluttons by other nations as we might be good at consuming pork, but its not what we are known for out there and neither are we known for sweet potato production . This map was put together by World Bank and Guinness World book of Records.

Ugandans Are The Baddest Pork Eaters 2

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Ugandans Are The Baddest Pork Eaters 3

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