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Saudi Arabia Gets New Crown Prince

King Salman of Saudi Arabia, has announced his son Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the Defence Minister and former deputy crown prince to replace his nephew Prince Mohammed Bin Nayet as the first Crown Prince to the throne.

Mohammed Bin Salman, 31-years, will also become deputy prime minister while continuing his duties as defence minister.

Prince Mohammed bin Nayet, 57, has been dismissed as the interior minister in charge of domestic security, state media say. He is said to have pledged his allegiance to the new crown prince, his younger cousin.

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Significance of this Promotion

For the past reigns of the kingdom, Saudi Arabia has been ruled by kings in their 70s and 80s. Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s promotion is seen by many young people in the kingdom of as a great sign of change in the kingdom.

Previously, he took charge of the leading Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, overseeing the kingdom’s energy policy and economic reform.

Having been in charge of these tasks, a committee presided over by a succession of elderly men must have made his promotion to his new role inevitable.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s father Kind Salman is 81 years and not entirely in good health added by a BBC correspondent.

He could rule Saudi Arabia for decades, potentially maintaining internal stability for a long period of time.

However he is also a very close to US president Donald Trump, and could eventually put up some good pressure on Iran which will have great increased tension in the region.

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