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Sevo Kicks Out Kale Kayihura

President Kaguta Museveni has just kicked out Kale Kayihura from his position as Inspector General of Police after he made a tweet later today announcing his final decision.

According to Museveni’s tweet, he has appointed Gen Elly Tumwine as the Security Minister and Mr Okoth Ochola as the Inspector-General of Police.

According to some, this may be fake news however it has been confirmed that the reports could be actually true and and Kayihura has packed his bags officially.

According to Sevo’s tweet as seen below;

After the previous political drama that has rocked the country for weeks with reports tying Kayihura to Kitatta’s kifesi group that has been believed to be behind several killings across the country.

We definitely saw this coming a mile away as Sevo and Kale weren’t seeing eye to eye anymore. Will this transition be a peaceful one or will be met with resistance from the underground factions? Stay tuned for more updates.

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