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Shootout at City Oil Near Cafe Javas Kamwokya

There was a shoot out at around 3:30p.m at City Oil petrol station in Kamwokya, Kampala just next to Cafe Javas. Police shot at suspected robbers injuring two people.

A City Oil employee and eye witnesses said unidentified Police officers drove to the fuel station and parked for more than an hour and said they were waiting for some thieves who were coming at the fuel station.

A group of men later drove to the Fuel Station in a white numberless Toyota Noah and just as the men were getting out of the vehicle, the police officers started shooting at them.

One of the suspects was hit in the leg and another bullet caught the City Oil supervisor. The injured robber has been taken to Mulago Referral hospital.


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shoot out at cafe javas bloody pavement city oil - Spur magazine
Source: The Observer

There is still a state of panic at the petrol station, a few crowds and a bloody pavement.

At this moment it is unclear if the police has been trailing the thieves from previous robberies, if they too had been armed or killed people before or if the thieves were planning to rob either City Oil or Cafe Javas.

We’ll update you as the story develops and when we get comment from the police.

7 arrested, 4 guns recovered, 2 injured including a City Oil staffer in Kamwokya shoot out between Police and armed robbers

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