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Facebook Lite Now Has Over 200 Million Users!

The outcry for intensive data hogging apps has been a topic for a number of years and Facebook answered its users by launching Facebook Lite in January of 2015.

Facebook COO, Sherly Sandberg shared that their Lite app had more than 200 million users to date. The Facebook Lite app was a solution to those with less bandwidth, slower internet connections and less capable phones.

The Lite app has gained a lot of popularity for its small size and its ability to work on 2G network speeds not forgetting that it’s compatible with most devices going as far back as Android 2.3 Gingerbread.


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Google is also jumping on the low-bandwidth wagon and recently announced it’s YouTube Go app for offline use and low bandwidth consumption.

Despite the growing complaints over the Facebook Lite app being slow and laggy, 200 million users isn’t something one can simply ignore. The app has continued to have an increase in users proving that it actually works for those that suffer from limited bandwidth and connection speeds or use older phones.

Facebook Lite is definitely doing wonders and its users will continue to grow. To download the Android app, follow this link: Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite Now Has Over 200 Million Users! 1

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