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Sony Unveils New PS4 Cloud Remote

Sony has taken another twist in adding a new hardware feature called the Cloud Remote to the PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles respectively.

Since the PlayStation 4 is a good media streaming device and Blu-ray player, it makes good sense for Sony to deliver a standard remote that offers better control than the DualShock pads.

The PS4 Cloud Remote was developed in partnership with Performance Designed Products (PDP), are company well-known for desiging gaming peripherals such as headphones, chargers, game controllers, screen protectors, and even gaming-themed collectibles.

The Cloud Remote connects to a PS4 using Bluetooth and uses the PDP Cloud Remote App to auto-detect other devices connected to the PS4. So by default the remote will find your TV and allow you to control the volume, input, and power state without having to pick up another remote.

PDP is offering pre-orders at Shs 111,933.18 ($29.99) for the remote which comes with standard buttons that one would expect for interacting with the PS4 interface which makes it easier than the pad to control media playback.

As an added bonus, buying the Cloud Remote gets you a 30-day free trial of PlayStation Vue Core plan, which usually costs $49.99. Vue Core gives you access to live TV broadcasts spread across 40+ channels, but also access to sports broadcasts on the NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network, and other regional sports networks depending on where you are located.

The PS4 Cloud Remote is expected to ship on Sept. 18, with Amazon and GameStop both planning to stock it if you’d rather not buy direct from PDP.

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